Invest in your child's future with our Preschool Education

Little Georgia Academy is an enchanting place specifically designed for children ages 1 to 4. The schools are located inside vista malls in Taguig and Sta. Rosa and is part of the Villar Education system that provides an integrated curriculum. 

Little Georgia Academy has curated its programs best for your child's education.

Pre-school is the initial step to a progressive learning environment. It is also where children acquire their first skills in language, math, art, and science plus develop their natural curiosity about themselves and their surroundings through play activities.

Let's build a new world hand in hand!

Learning and exploring through play

Little Georgia is inspired by the 10-year academic record from the big sister schools of Georgia Academy, Little Georgia is a progressive early learning center that provides developmentally appropriate experiences to encourage children’s curiosity, playfulness and desire to learn. Children discover the love of reading while they learn and have fun through Integrated-Literacy based curriculum.

Child-friendly and child-centered learning environment

Little Georgia Academy has a safe and child-friendly atmosphere, which provides your child with a sense of comfort and security. The Little Georgia Team is warm and supportive, so your child will feel at ease as he or she learns. Your child's social skills will be fostered as she interacts with her peers in a warmly structured setting.

Holistic Development

Our children are confident that they can achieve their goals, as we nurture a learning environment that enables them to take risks and explore new opportunities. We believe in holistic development for your child's physical growth as well as the building of her cognitive, emotional, social, and artistic abilities.

Experiential learning

Our children, as we call our learners, are constantly challenged to test their limits and take risks. They are encouraged to explore new areas of interest, which helps them remain open-minded and flexible in the way they view the world. We understand that your child's ability to learn is impacted by his or her state of mind. With an open, playful atmosphere, we engage your child's imagination through play.

Play with a purpose

Little Georgians are encouraged to think critically, creatively, and collaboratively as they go through their day. The teachers encourage your child's natural curiosity as they plan activities that will help bring the curriculum to life.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice (NAEYC)

Our teachers are engaged in ongoing training, classes, and workshops to learn about the best ways to support your child's learning at each stage of development. As a program accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), we are committed to teaching based on their guidelines for Developmentally Appropriate Practice.

Unlock your child's potential with our Online Learning

Our Online Learning Program is an excellent package for students who are just starting to learn how to read and write. We focus on reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary building, and English language skills that will help your child gain confidence in their abilities.

Our Preschool program has adopted the best practices in early childhood education around the world. We use thematic-based activities that will help your child build a strong foundation in academic as well as social skills.

Our Online Learning Program has the following benefits:

A special time to interact with teacher and friends

LGA's Online Learning Program creates an opportunity for children to log in and participate during a special time that is dedicated to their class. This helps create an online presence, allowing the students to build relationships with other members of their class as well as their teacher and teaching assistant.

Children participate in different activities such as chants and rhymes, songs, storytime, or magic box

Children are engaged to participate through different activities online. They have opportunities to learn rhymes and songs, chant, do storytime or magic box, play memory games, etc.

Time to discuss the theme and go over the day’s activities

At the end of the day, they discuss the lesson and review what they have learned.

Includes 1 M.E.T.A.L.S. activity per day

The M.E.T.A.L.S Curriculum is a curriculum design where learning areas such as Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, Arts, Language and Literacy, and Science are integrated into the activities. The curriculum unfolds in a connected, integrated way, where each activity and task contributes to learning and building, and supporting new concepts and skills.

Get your child ready for Kinder with our Home-School Program

Home-based learning activities are vital to the academic and social growth of your child. It is where they spend most of their waking hours, so you can be certain that these activities will have a lasting effect on them.

Throughout the week there will be a variety of adult-facilitated activities that meet the needs of the children (e.g, Subject Matter skills integrated into a theme)

We try to develop the children's skills in an integrated manner, which makes sense at every level of development. Within this context, we provide experiences that follow a logical sequence; one activity will build on another allowing for new skills and concepts.

Little Georgia's Home-based Program has the following benefits to children:

  • Bridging the gap from the normal school set-up to Distance Education by organizing a support group
  • Includes the identified adult (either a parent, relative, or home partner) who will be assisting the child during the Live Interactive Session and Home-based activities
  • Orientations via zoom will be given to guide the Home Partners in their important role as “surrogate teachers”
  • Teacher Consultation hours will be scheduled between 8 am to 5 pm

Be a part of the best preschool in the Philippines!

Inquiry Process

1. Fill out the inquiry form. By filling out the inquiry form, you will be disclosing all personal information of your and your child. Rest assured that we will treat them with the utmost confidentiality.

2. One of our admission officers will forward the fees and our available age-appropriate programs for your child to your email address.

Onsite and Virtual Open House

BBecause of the covid situation, we highly encourage our parents to join our Virtual Open House for their safety and their kids as well.

However, if you are located near one of our schools without taht is considered low-risk, then we can schedule an Onsite Open House. Please note that the management can cancel the scheduled Open House if its deemed necessary.

1. Included in the email is the invitation for Virtual House. Little Georgia Academy caters to group Open Houses or if the parents prefer, a one-on-one virtual orientation.

2. In our Open House, the following will be discussed:

  • Background of the school
  • Thorough details of Little Georgia Academy Programs
                         Homeschool Program
                         Livin-Home Program
  • Schools Fees
  • Additional Programs

3. Our Open Houses have a Question and Answer which is open for parents or guardians.

4. Towards the end of the Open House, all attendees are invited to join the Virtual Trial Class.

Little Georgia Academy Virtual Trial Class

Trial Classes are held every week. Just like its big sister school Georgia International Academy, Little Georgia Academy offers Trial Classes for preschoolers.

Those who attended our Virtual Open House (VOH) can easily schedule Virtual Trial Classes for their children to join. Parents who choose the Livin Home Program can experience how it is done through our Trial Classes.

Attendees of the VOH are prioritized to get the slot in order for their kids to join the Trial Classes. However, you can still schedule a Trial Class for your child without having to attend the VOH.

Parents who are non-attendees of the VOH can schedule Trial Classes through our Facebook pages or through email. Unlike the attendees, the schedule might be on later since they will be added to the waiting list.

Trial Classes are conducted per batch. During regular school days, those who intend to join the Trial Class can be a part of the actual class of students. In other words, they will sit in.

In some cases, the Virtual Trial Class group will be composed of all new students who are scheduled for that specific batch. They will experience the progressive way of teaching that all Little Georgia children experienced.

How to enroll at Little Georgia Academy?

Enrollment at Little Georgia Academy is year-round. This means we can accept students in the middle of the school year, or their number of days will be adjusted to the number of days required for the whole school year.

To enroll follow these easy steps:

Online Enrollment Process

1. If you already inquired and got the email from our Admission Officer, you can check the enrollment process and requirements included in the email.

The Student Enrollment Form will be included in it as well. Fill out the form.

2. Submit the needed requirements. Send it to the LGA admissions email - [email protected]

The documents needed are:
- Scan Copy of Birth Certificate
- 2x2 photo with plain or white background
- Student Data Form (will send the link)

3. Once you submitted all the required documents, you can now proceed to payment.

To settle the upon enrollment fee, here are the following steps:

a.) Choose your preferred payment scheme

b.) Settle the payment and attach the proof of payment to this email.
You may settle payment through any of the following:
1. Deposit through our BDO Account
Account Name: Georgia International Academy
Account No.: 0006 -2802- 7172

2. Bank Transfer via PAYMAYA or GCASH / ONLINE BANKING
Account Name: Georgia International Academy
Account No.: 0006 -2802- 717

3. Credit Card/Debit Card through our Website:

c.) Send your proof of payment to [email protected]

If you have other questions/clarifications, you may call us at 0917 308 4104 / 0966 348 6180. You may also find these details on the copy of the Scheduled of Fees forwarded to you.

Our LGA Admissions Officer will be in touch with you for confirmation of your enrollment.

Once confirmed, our LGA teacher will be adding you to the class' Viber Group to keep you posted on announcements and to answer your concerns.

We look forward to welcoming your child to Little Georgia Academy!